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    Need documents:

    1. Bank account in Thailand for at least 60 days (the date of the document) 800,000 THB account balance record.

    2. Certificate of residence in Thailand within seven days

    3. Passport

    4. No criminal recordHave
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    1. The information submitted by the applicant is only used for the preliminary examination of the application qualification. It is not the formal submission of the information. The preliminary inspection provided by the company does not charge any fees.

    2. Applicants will receive a reply within three working days after submitting the information online. Those who have not received the reply can call the company staff during office hours.

    3. After the preliminary inspection of the information, the company will issue a quotation. If the customer chooses to confirm the application, you can confirm the application by email or fax. At that time, the agent fee will be settle and formally submit the information after accepted the service.

    4. The quotation will include government fees for all visas and multiple entry and exit passes.