Immigration VISA

Immigrant visas are issued to immigrants from abroad as a proof for entering the visa issuing country. After you acquire an immigrant Visa, you will be entitled to get a Green Card. A Green Card is actually a pink registration card for alien citizens who have successfully immigrating into the country. And the holder of a Green Card is entitled to live permanently in the country and has the right to work there.

Student VISA

Student visas are endorsements ( label/stamp/slip ), on particular persons’ passports or travel documents, with clear descriptive text stating the reasons of entry and the time allowed to stay.

Tourist VISA

Tourist visa is generally a quick way for visa application. Yet, it is subject to certain restrictions. Generally speaking, it is only valid for a short period of time. And the holder of the tourist visa can only engage in tourism or sightseeing activities.
Due to the globalization, transportation means improve amazingly and in turn facilitate the growth of global tourism activities. It is foreseeable that tourist visas will become the type of visa more common in use.
Tourist visa is just for a short stay, usually 30 days, or up to a maximum of 90, in general, you cannot apply for an extension with your tourist visa. The holders of Tourist Visas are not allowed to work or engage in any activities not related to tourism. Group tourist visa is one of the tourist visas, it would not appear on the tourists’ passports. Tourists under the group tourist visa have to enter and leave into the country as an entity.

Working VISA

Working visas are mainly for those persons who would enter a country for work. Endorsement (a single label/ stamp) would appear on their passports, stating the reasons for entry and time allowed to stay.

Business VISA

Business visas are for those people who will enter and stay in a country for business purposes, like business visits or negotiations.

Family VISA

Family visa is also regarded as “accompany visa” as it is usually applied purposely to enter and stay in a country to accompany family members who would study there.

Retirement VISA (Non-O / Non-OA Visa)

The applications is quick and easy for applicants aged 50 or above. The visa is valid for one year. The applications is included multiple entry pass.