Thailand Introduction

Kingdom of Thailand (Thai: ราช อาณา จักร ไทย, English: the Kingdom of Thailand), is commonly known as Thailand. It is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. Thailand is located in the central of Indochina Peninsula, and shares a common border with the western and northern part of Burma and the Andaman Sea. To the north of it is Laos, and the southeast Cambodia. And, the long peninsula at the south of it connects Malaysia.

Thailand’s ancient name was Siam. Thai people, in May 11, 1948, changed their nation’s name from “Siam” to “Thai”, which means “freedom”.

As a free economic entity, Thailand enjoyed a rapid economic growth in the 1990s and became one of the “Four Little Tigers in Asia”. However, it suffered a serious setback in the economic crisis in 1998 and then going into an economic recession and stagnation. It is one of the emerging industrialized countries and up-rising market economies in the world. Its major economic strengths rest in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. Thailand is in Asia the only country without food import and also one of the five largest agricultural exporters in the world. As the electronic industry kept developing rapidly, Thailand’s had come across tremendous changes with its industry structure. Nowadays, automotive industry has become one of its pillar industries. Besides, for the automotive, Thailand has now emerged to be a manufacturing center in Southeast Asia and the biggest market in ASEAN.

Thailand is famous for tourism. And it is a Buddhist country, most of the Thai people believe in their god called Erawan. Today the number of buddhists in Thailand exceeds 90% of its entire population.

Thailand is one of the members and founders of the Association of South-East Asian Nations, it is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Asia-Europe Meeting and the World Trade Organization.

About Real estate

There is a rule in Thailand that foreigners are not allowed to buy land and villas, they can only buy apartments. And even when foreigners buy apartments in a particular estate, they can only buy not more than 49% of the estate. Consequently, a very strange phenomenon has thus occurred in Bangkok, where high-level apartments are ridiculously more expensive than luxurious villas for about 100%.

Compared with that in Mainland China, the average price of the apartments in Bangkok is comparatively low, which is about 19,000 RMB per square meter. There are also apartments, close to the light rail and subway, available for sale at a lowest price around 10,000 RMB. Even for the popular residential areas, the price is around 30,000 RMB per square meter.