Getting driver’s license in Thailand

16 Dec 2019 Day to day

To get a driver’s license in Thailand, you will need to be the holder of education visa or work/business visa for more than 1 year. The differences between education visa driver’s license and work visa driver’s license is that, the formers will need to be reviewed and renewed annually (250 THB); work visa driver’s license is valid for 1 year for the first year, and once renewed, valid for 5 years thereafter (5 years renewal cost 505 THB). Any other short term visas are not eligible for Thai driver’s license.

Similar to an Australian driver’s license, a Thai driver’s license is not just a legal document to proof the right to drive a vehicle. It is also a legal proof of identity similar to a passport. For those who are eligible for Thai driver’s license, we strong recommend you take the time to get one because of its convenience.

To obtain a Thai driver’s license, here are the procedures:

In Bangkok, you can visit any branches of the department of transportation for theory exams, car registration, registration transfer, license renewal, etc. transportation related businesses.

Required items include:

  1. Photocopies of passport, visas and 2 passport sized photos
  2. Medical certificate. Medical check up include blood pressure test, heart rate test and a doctor’s consultation session (70 THB)
  3. Money (600 THB)

Once you have gathered the above, make your way to one of the branches of department of transport. You will participate in an eyesight test and a reaction test, followed by a road regulation theory exam. Study time is generally 1 hour, but can be extended if necessary. The text book outlines the rules for driving in Thailand. The theory exam is in multiple question format. Once you have passed the theory exam, you will need to take part in a practical driving test. The driving test takes place on a mock road system.